I need to create and implement new workplace health and safety procedures.

I need to create and implement new workplace safety procedures.

Foster a Safe and Healthy Workplace

The safety of your employees, customers and visitors begins before anyone walks through your doors. Explore tools and resources to help you reduce risk, prevent illness, and ensure employees are safe and feeling comfortable. Easily try, buy and implement solutions that securely share data with your ADP® platform.

Workplace safety

Explore tools that share data with your ADP® platform to help you reduce risk, prevent illness, and ensure employees’ safety.

of employees say they want their company to have strict policies regarding who can come to the office before they return to work.¹

Contactless entry and clock-in

Help reduce high-touch surface areas as employees come and go.

Pre-shift health screening

Ensure your staff is healthy before they clock in with health questionnaires and fever checks.

Communicate policies

Easily update and distribute policies for social distancing, sanitation, employee safety and more.

Contactless entry and clock-in

Pre-shift health screening

Communicate policies

Discover best-fit HCM solutions

With ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront, you can build a custom HCM ecosystem based on your biggest needs. Choose from a curated list of HR solutions from ADP® and our approved partners that securely connect and automatically share data between your HR systems. Explore, try, buy and implement HR solutions quickly and easily — just point and click.


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